About Abacus

Our services of digital marketing combine strategic knowledge, technology, e-business and creativity to achieve the best results for our customers.

If you want different results
don't do always the same

Online advertising will help you to promote your brand, attract and engage clients and find new prospects in a professional, massive, fast and effective manner.
We will develop an effective and customized communication, aimed to the most reactive public according to your needs.
We adapt to each and every one of our clients: we can promote your brand focusing on a global or targeted public, both locally and internationally.
We will find users interested in subscribing to your services or in buying your products.
Our goal is to ensure the best short and long term performance.

Addressed to...



Extensive network of databases worldwide

Speed ​​of execution, transparency, professionalism

Long-term relationships



Advice and extensive experience in online advertising

Development plan to help make themselves known

Controlled expenses



Detailed plans and customized

Focus on the fringes of public more reactive

Multichannel campaigns and MultiDevice