About us

Our objective is to combine professional knowledge, technology, e-business, strategy and creativity to achieve the best possible results.

Abacus was born in 2013 with the idea to achieve the highest results through constant development, commitment, passion and, at the same time, maintaining a good work-life balance.

Taking off as an unipersonal startup, focused exclusively on email marketing, it has become a company with a wide portfolio of professional online marketing services. After only 3 years of existence, Abacus has spread its activity to many countries around the globe, especially in Australia, Europe, Asia, LATAM, Canada and USA, reaching an online traffic of up to 250 million users.

We put at your disposal our experience in online advertising to promote your brand, attract and engage clients and find new prospects in a professional, massive, fast and effective manner. All of this is achieved through email marketing, web and mobile display, social media and SEO/SEM.

All this would not have been possible with an extraordinary team with demonstrable experience in their fields. A young, dynamic, international, energetic creative and open minded environment contributes in the enjoyment of our work from all our team members. All of them carry out their projects with commitment and professionalism meeting all their goals with passion and success.

Our philosophy



Establish ourselves as an international professional reference in the marketing sector through high quality products and services, innovation and creativity. To explore and develop new digital solutions with the aim to obtain the best possible results and always prioritizing our clients satisfaction.



Bring satisfaction to our clients and partners through professionalism, long term relationships, transparence and the tendency to search for the optimal solution for any situation. To be a company committed to the development of its team and the environment, giving a good work-life balance. To work passionately and with a smile, understanding that motivation is paramount to get the best work done.



To achieve our goals following our principal values: commitment, professionalism, quality, honesty, confidence, humility and continuous improvement. We believe that, if were you stop, you would actually be going backwards.