Photo Contest Abacus 2016

Escrito por Abacus Marketing el 09 de Mayo del 2016

It´s not a new discovery that images nowadays rule the world. We live in a civilization and culture of the picture. It started with an innocent drawings on the walls 40 000 years ago. Then came the time for painting, the first illustrations in books, newspapers, to digital photos on the Internet and realistic computer graphics. Today, images, photos and graphics dominated the media, Internet and whole world… especially the marketing world. Photography is the first step to sell the product.

We can see that chiefly working in online marketing. We must as well be careful with the texts we use in the subjects, always fill the plain text or take care of the text of our content, when we do an email marketing campaign, processing the images we use to compose newsletters, is a really important parameter that can influence our statistical results.

Recognizing that a well done photos play a significant role in marketing communication, last month Abacus organized a photography contest for the  whole team. Every member of our staff could participate using his imagination and creativity to take the picture. There was only one condition: the scenery of the photo should be our cool office.

The results were amazing: great variety of images. Some of us approched to the competition in a very profesional way:

Others sticked to the rule: “the more (special effects) the merrier”:

The best demonstration of our passion and fighting spirit was a sacrifice to make the best shot, even if we had to stay in strange positions:

Nevertheless undoubtedly the logo of Abacus take first position in a mayority of pictures:

Despite of many great pictures and balanced level of competition, there could be only one winner. Last Friday was the last day of the contest when everyone voted for the best photo and the winner was…

…our happy crazy team (at least part of it). This is the best image, best logo of our Company. Our team is our brand!

Of course there is no contest without a prize! The author of this photo can enjoy a Brand new camera.

Perfect reason to develope photography skills and to catch such great moments with colleagues on pictures.