Our Offices

Escrito por Abacus Marketing el 24 de Marzo del 2016

Today we will present you the place where we make the office come to life, the place where everything happens. Where we laugh, sing, scream and sometimes, just sometimes we work. Our family keeps growing everyday more and more, for this reason we had to move to a new place a few months ago. And that’s why we will show you our new house!!

We are located in downtown Barcelona, just above the Diagonal Street.

There are different rooms, even though we see each other everyday.

Let’s start with the IT department, regardless of their hard work they always sing to motivate the atmosphere.

Very close to them, we can find the Sales department, which needs to have abundance of energy to stay on top of their work. Next to them we find the Affiliation team divided in different countries, which are always on the lookout for the best campaigns and assure above expectation results.

Going on to the next room, we can find the Monetization team, which to be honest they are quite a few analyzing every number of every emailing database every day! Last but not least, we find the room of the Managers and CEO, considering the work that they do they are in constant laughter.

At lunch time we come together in the dinning room where it’s fully equiped with tables, chairs and sofas/ couches, where more than one can take a nap.

Little by little we are decorating the office with positive and minimalistic vibes.

To conclude our office is another house to be in. We walk around, cook, work and certainly have fun. You are welcome to come and visit us anytime !!!