How to increase the Open Rate of your emailing?

Escrito por Abacus Marketing el 30 de Septiembre del 2017

At the age when everyone is connected, any product sales or concept sharing must be done with the Internet. A very used tool for marketing: e-mail. The information reaches its destination quickly. Nevertheless, all emails sent to be read by recipients? Most of these mails if they are not filtered as spam are immediately thrown into the trash. So what are the tips to increase the opening rate of email?

A good address book

Having a good address book is the key to a successful email campaign. In order to have a good opening rate of the email, it is necessary to clearly identify the target audience, to identify the direct user or the person likely to be interested.


Segment your prospects

From the beginning, try to find the classification parameters of you recipients. It is important to be able to segment according to age, sex, geographical location, or according to their responsiveness depending on the emails you send. This will make your campaigns even more relevant.


Optimize the use of your website

It is necessary that the e-mail is desired by the customer. On most commercial sites, there is a box reserved for this purpose, to check by the customer if he wants to receive emails coming from the company or a database. Nevertheless, the law requires the customer to choose to unsubscribe at any time. Also, tell him to add you in the list of his contacts in the first email sent.


Permanent file updates

Each e-mail campaign must be updated as the data is updated. Remove all non-existent addresses, those that have unsubscribed and add new perspectives. Clean at least once a semester by sending emails of confirmation of address to all your contacts.


A difficult title

The first words the recipient will see when receiving the e-mail are its subject. It must be difficult and catchy, prompting the reader to read it. The first impression is always the right one! To do this, appeal to your creative mind to distinguish yourself from others. In addition, a few words are enough, it is not worth making long sentences. The shorter the title, the more the reader will want to open it. Use less than 45 characters and avoid the terms "money", "free", "offer".


We hope our advices will help you sending the good email campaign to the good audience, with a good deliverability. The relevance is the key word for success in email marketing.