How to Create a Happy Team in Online Marketing Agency

Escrito por Abacus Marketing el 21 de Junio del 2017

Why are happy teams important?

It has been proved that happy employees bring a better contribution to their business and tend to increase profitability of the company. They are more productive, more energetic, less likely to change company and they are more present. The chance to achieve their goals is also 31% higher than among unhappy employees.

The feeling of happiness at work is associated with the autonomy of the employees, the absence of time pressure and authoritarian hierarchy. But happiness doesn’t necessarily mean engagement at work. Indeed, employees can be happy at work, but are not actively engaged. For instance, they can be happy by surfing the Web or be discussing about their week-end with their co-workers, this not equates to engagement at work.

Happiness in Team

This matter is specially important and difficult to achieve in the sector of online marketing that is really dynamic, quick and changeable and where the pressure rather comes from the characteristics of the digital environment than from the hierarchy of company.

The aim here is to get employees that are both happy and engaged. Here are some tips to combine these two points:

Appreciate your employees

Engage your workers by committing yourself. It is important to take the time to get to know your employees as individuals. Building a strong relationship with them will help you understand their motivations within the company. Remembering the little details will show that you care about your employees as people, and not just as workers.

Happy Team

Provide team-building activities

Approximately 65% of employees say they want to keep their jobs because they have a good relationship with their colleagues. Team-based projects or team-building activities will encourage this type of friendship within your team and thus employees will feel more invested in the company because they don’t want to let their "team members" down.

Team Building

Develop their skills

Encourage personal growth and increase employee engagement by providing training and resources. Employees will know that you are invested in them and care about them if you take the time to develop their skill sets. Providing career development programs and learning opportunities are great ideas to keep your employees in your business. Indeed, the number one reason that employees change jobs is the inability to progress in the company. Challenging your employees every day will enable them to learn more, do more, and produce better results.

Team building

Interact with your employees

Consider your employees' comments, this is an important part of their development within the company. Interacting with your employees is an ideal opportunity to know what you can do for them so that they are more productive and engaged. Conducting individual interviews will also help you to know their motivation, each employee is motivated differently in the company and one you have feedbacks, do something with that.

Offer rewards

60% of employees stay with a company because of the benefits that the company offers. Bonuses for performance, competitive salaries, and other non-cash related awards are huge motivators for most workers. Employee recognition programs are also a great way to encourage employee engagement.

Love My Job

Positive work relationships help let individuals know that they are an integral part of their team. When this happens, we are more passionate and excited about our work, providing better results. That how should work every good online marketing agency. Go and try the above with your team and see how it improves morale and efficiency.