How mobile influences our buying activity

Escrito por Abacus Marketing el 19 de Septiembre del 2016

Day by day we are being more dependent (addicted?) on smartphones. Nowadays there are new professions and jobs that make workers more dependent on their mobile. People are constantly checking and interacting with their mobile (messages, Internet contents, social media…). Even during the meetings people remained avilable to text, surf, use some different apps like ones of games, e-commerce and check email meanwhile.

Mobile on social meetings

Smartphones also entertain people on the way to work (metro, subway, bus…). Nowaday, instead of reading a book or just listening to music, people check their apps or info on their mobile phone. In a recent past when people was in their doctor’s waiting room, they use to read some magazines. Today people surf on their mobile to entertain themself. Those exemples highlight the fact that we are daily connected, but more important far from home and work.

The e-commerce figures are constantly growing. Mobile enable the e-commerce to enter in another dimensión. Habits changed and with new technologies evolved the consumer behaviours. They are use to shop easily and safely from home from mobile or Tablet…

Although e-commerce is being completely established, it remains important to optimize some parameters to help it grow.

Buying by Mobile

It’s necessary to improve the website navigation because studies show that users think navigation remain too slow. It’s also required to develop people awareness of shopping via apps (like already did Zalando or Zara).

Mostly, netizens still see applications as a brand update content, not as a platform where they can acually buy products. They don’t consider the apps buying’s experience better tan the actual website. In 84% of cases, users that download an application use to erase them after the first visit.

Step by step mobile websites are being part of the people habits. At the present, 2 of 3 users own smartphones and they use ecommerce mobile app frequently.

The main trend of brands is the integration of the apps, the advertising ads for mobile web and the fast adaptation of the corporate portals. In 2016, most of the most brands have developed their own application where users can compare prices, discover and buy product. Thanks to tablets, this process it's being implemented faster. According to a Ipsos survey, customers purchase more throug Tablet devices and the average basket is bigger.

Buing activity in mobile devices

Social Media also boosts the evolution of the m-commerce. It perfectly fits new needs and people interests throught contents, users comments and opinions. Social Media is a customed advertising form that impact much more the user tan the traditionnal advertising.

As we can see, smartphones are necessary tools in our lives. Because of that, companies need to build new business strategies. Since 2014, mobile traffic has exceeded display traffic, whic is a huge evolution for webmarketers. It also impact the purchasing processus.

How do we use mobile today?

75% of surfers look for information from their smartphone. In the last 2 years this figure doubled.

93% of users uses smartphone to collect ideas or to learn something while they are purchasing in a store, just to help the buying decision.