Form and Function of Native Advertising

Escrito por Abacus Marketing el 25 de Agosto del 2017

Very few years ago no one heard about this type of advertising, even during searching in Google showed up only 2 results. Today, Native Ads is catching the wind in the sails and you can find more and more articles, reports and general content about it. Thanks to this article you will know what exactly is the Native Advertising and what form and function is caracteristics for this type of online campaigns.

In a nutshell, native advertising is an alternative to traditional display that, although still works good, but it is becoming increasingly a nuisance for web users. Because of this such high saturation users more and more use the Adblock (Ad Blockers) and unknowingly fall into the "banner blindness" phenomenon. And this we can call the idea (and hope) for native advertising.

What exactly is the native ads

Do you know what native advertising is? First of all, there is no single consistent definition. Indeed how many publishers and authors, so many ideas for native advertising. In this post we are going to explain it, as this new advertising trend is gaining more and more ground among online advertising professionals.

In the one phrase you can tell that Native Advertising is a form of paid media where the Ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. Native Ads are transparent and effective. Transparent because they warn from the beginning that they treat advertising. Effective because they integrate seamlessly with the content of the website where they are published, so that they attract interest in the corresponding article and do not interrupt users Reading. In other words, they are not intrusive. So much so that they are called to be advertisement for the "enemies of advertisement".

Form and function of Native Advertising

Regarding the FORM Native Ads match the visual design of the experience they live within, so that look and feel like natural content. Regarding its FUNCTION Native Ads must harmonize consistently with the native user experience, and behave just like natural content.

Some examples of this native advertising are promoted tweets, paid articles, videos of longer duration than the classic spot, interactive graphics, photographs or any type of content that is organically integrated into the experience of the web page or platform.

Due to the chameleon character of Native Advertising, these contents are usually accompanied by a legend that warns us that we are facing an advertising content, however editorial it may seem. This warning is not only used for ethical reasons. If a follower of the web page of platform sees that the brand is allocating resources to offer content that adds value to that website, and does it in a respectful and non-intrusive way, it will remember that brand positively.

Because of that it's not surprising that more and more brands are using this technique. Morover there are plenty of native advertising formats that you can use to cover all the needs and requirements you have to promote your business.