Email Marketing football tournament Barcelona 2016

Escrito por Abacus Marketing el 04 de Julio del 2016

Last week there was a football tournament organised specially for the Digital Marketing agencies of Barcelona. 

Each company had a team of 7 players, and we had to play against each other. 

Abacus had formed a very strong team: Vincent (the captain of the team), Nathan, Anderson, Whitney, Damien, Luis, Manuel and other guests from outside the company. The venue was in a very nice football pitch, right behind the beach in Barcelona. 

The first 2 games were a complete success with 2 goals of Nathan (best player of the team) and 2 goals of Luis (a very talented player from Colombia).

Thanks to a good team spirit,  great understanding of the game, perfect communication of the team, and a solid defense (Big Up for Whitney), we won the first 2 games. 

The 2 last games were a little bit harder. We played against each other as a very strong and organised team but we ended up losing the games.

We had a great time playing, laughing, and shouting all together. We were also strongly supported because other people of Abacus, such as Laura our CEO, Nahara, Sylwia, Natalia, Giulia, Cristina, Ana Geraldine and Anna came to support us with some of their friends. It was really encouraging. We saw once again that with motivation and a good collectif spirit, we can be victorious!

Always further, always higher, always stronger… GoGoGo Abacus!!