Many dogs in the shelter received help from Abacus Marketing Solutions

Escrito por Abacus Marketing el 17 de Octubre del 2016

Last week was full of charity and solidarity in ABACUS. How you already know we stand out by our love for animals. You can tell this whatching our small four-legged member of our team that fill our office with her presence. Our beloved “office queen” Charlie every day steals all smiles of our team.

Having a pet in the workplace bring many advantages and makes our office a special place. As a dog friendly office, we care about not only for our pet but also for the welfare of all animals.

Our pet in the office

For this reason ABACUS collaborates with Lliga Protectora d'Animals i Plantes de Barcelona. It is an organization whose mission is to take care of animals in situations of distress, abuse and neglect, and take them in the shelter under the best conditions and the necessary time they need to find a definitive and responsible home, where they are looked after and treated with love.

Furthermore, the organisation promote the values ​​of defending the rights of animals, responsible ownership and well treatment for all of them. They carry out all these principles through awareness campaigns and participation in events.

Last week our team had the opportunity to visit one of the dog shelters run by the Lliga Potectora and know their pupils. We had a surprise for all of them, we donated to the shelter food, care products, various toys and moments full of love for dogs which seek home.

Donation of dog´s food and toys from Abacus

Our team was learning about the situation of pupils of the shelter, feeding the dogs and playing with them. Apparently they could not resist taking pictures of those pets:

Playing with dogs

A dog paying with toy from Abacus

We shared our time with each pet playing and feeding with them. This was an emotional and enriching experience for ABACUS. We are always available for such great moments and we have our hearts open to help everyone and share new experience.