Abacus Marketing Solutions at OMExpo 2017 Madrid

Escrito por Abacus Marketing el 26 de Junio del 2017


Strong, four people representation of Abacus was present on the 13th annual fair of digital marketing, e-commerce & digital business in Madrid - OMExpo 2017. That is the place where most of the important companies from digital world go to show their presence.

Representación de Abacus Marketing Solutions en Madrid

The event took place in the outskirts of Madrid, in the big fair buildings of exhibition pavilions, where Abacus arrived in the morning of 26th of April. The two days in the capital of Spain passed us very quickly. Both of them were full of scheduled meetings with our partners, talking about present and future collaboration. Besides those, we also succeeded to find new business opportunities, present ourselves to important companies from our sector and got many new contacts.


Very interesting side of the fair was also a possibility of listening to the experts giving their speeches in various stages designed for boosting the knowledge of listeners.  We participated in some of them and got to know more about the tendencies in marketing for the current year 2017 and also upcoming 2018. We found very interesting the presentation “How to earn money with marketing online directed to PYMES?” which explained how to reach target of small and medium companies, what are their needs and interests. Other very important one was “How to avoid being a spammer with strategies of email marketing?” where the host answered doubts about spam email campaigns and gave examples of techniques used for decreasing the amount of spam complaints.

Converrence at OMExpo2017

Besides the part that took place in the exhibition area, we were able to have some fun too! :) At the end of the first day we have been invited for the OMEParty organized by one of the sponsors of the event. Around 10pm at the roof of the building in Madrid appeared the crowd of people from the marketing sector. What better way to meet partners than with a beer in a hand and in less formal atmosphere? After the long day that was the part of relax, chilling and funny conversations.


Socializing with other people from marketing sector started in a bar and finished in the small club, where we could have even observed the dancing skills of Abacus members!;)

What is very important in the digital world is the opportunity to meet face to face with the clients. Everyday contact is usually limited to Skype, email or phone, very impersonal, but during such events as OMExpo we can finally meet all those people with whom we are in everyday contact. Finally we are able to see a face that is hidden behind the screen. That improves the future relations, helps to maintain better connection and brings new important contracts.

New Contacts in OMExpo2017

We hope to attend the event also next year, so let’s meet there!