Abacus Dinner 2016

Escrito por Abacus Marketing el 15 de Enero del 2016


Last Friday we finally celebrated our Christmas diner, yes you read right, we celebrated Christmas in January, its a bit strange that a company celebrates Christmas after the dates, but in Abacus we´re different and like breaking traditions.


Let me tell you how the evening went, on that day we left the office a bit earlier, since we all had to look fancy/stunning/spectacular, so we met at the office with our partners at 8 pm.


We showed up at the office at the meeting time, everyone was looking stunning!!! Those who brought their partners had the opportunity to give them a guide in our new office, introduce them to co-workers, as you could hear lovely Christmas music on the background, then the CEO arrived and suddenly: one, two, three…the sound of the cava bottles poped at the speed of light. It wasn’t a bad start right?


We had time to sing to those who celebrated their birthday in the month of January, grab a bite and even take a company selfie.

After all this we organized ourselves to get to the restaurant that was located on the outskirts of Barcelona. When we arrived we found a huge table for us, Laura ( our CEO ), set a little personalized present for each one of us (mugs, notebooks, folders…) that to be genuinely loved and appreciated.

The dishes were heavenly: cut of Argentinian beef with a delicate red wine, could we ask for more? thats what we at least thought, and all of a sudden… ¡Karaoke time! The Italians dared to sing “Parole-parole”, the French when all romantic with “La vie en rose”, the Spaniards they didn’t only sing for us but danced to “La macarena”, the Polish sang “Malgoska” and the Latin Americans danced at the rhythm of Juan Luis Guerra…

But there is no dinner that doesn’t end with without dessert and definitely not without a chocolate cake together with a cava, we toasted for Abacus, for it to keep growing with strength and for the wonderful time we were having together. 

The night came to its end and we were a bit happier about spending time out of the work environment.