Calçotada Abacus 2016

Escrito por Abacus Marketing el 12 de Abril del 2016

Last week, the Abacus team enjoyed a delicious Calçotada, before the season ended. For those who are not familiar with this Catalan tradition, Calçotada is a typical food of Barcelona composed of some spring onions which are grown in April (it is a vegetable that resembles onions or leeks) they are prepared in a blazing fire of vine shoots to be then eaten with a lovely romesco sauce.

We had the option to have unlimited calçots, but we opted for the "smaller" option of 12 calçots per person... As a good team, the bigger stomachs helped us finish, as some were on the limits of explosion... The photos speak for themselves!

The Calçotadas also includes grilled meat: the typical Catalan sausage ( a big sausage ) and lamb chops. Which of course we could not miss !!!! And to end the operation“summer bikini”, for dessert we had the selection between the famous Catalan cream and other dessert pastries.

Throughout the meal, we were sipping on some fabulous Catalan red wine, this is an overall experience that we strongly recommend for those who have not previously tried it!!!