A Little bit of Display

Escrito por Abacus Marketing el 07 de Septiembre del 2016

Over the years and as a result of the increasement of the e-commerce business, display adversising is more profitable and more used by the owners of these kind of business.

Thanks to its great capacity of segmentation and also to the possibility of placing the same advertisement in different supports like in Social Media, blogs, forums and web pages, among others, this kind of advertising has become one of the most used and recurrent in the digital sector.

Thanks to different researches and surveys like the one named “Advertising Effectiveness Study of Display Formats", carried out by the Interactive Advertising Bureau with the collaboration of The Cocktail Analisys consultant, is possible to reaffirm the theory that the Display Advertising is always rising up: Eight out of ten users (81%) impacted by a display ad, can remember one or some graphic advertising campaigns and the most impacted are men and women between 15 and 35 years old. They are the ones who can remember higher amount of campaigns.

Traditional and Video formats are the most remembered. That means that the appearance and evolution of the Rich Media enhances the results of making this kind of advertising. Open and click rates are being increased by display and video advertising.

One of the most important advantages of display and video adverstising is the chance to segment our users in a smart and eficient way. It means that is possible to lead to the users that are of our interest. For example, if we would like to announce an e-commerce campaign for clothes targeted to young girls, we would need to implement the banner in specific sites where we can find this targets also important to consider the language and the geo localization of our target group to reach the results expected.

On the other hand, the increasment of mobile devices and the spaces avaliables in sites for this kind of advertising have provided and propelled even more the online display advertising.

Therefore, we are talking about a highly interative ideal for promoting remarketing campaigns, to reach the users that has visited a website and didn’t any action like subscription or purchase.

Finally, we can affirm that display advertising is a promotion that works, that is effective and is always constantly growing.