60 minutes to survive: why an escape room game is a perfect team building activity.

Escrito por Abacus Marketing el 26 de Agosto del 2017

Developed in Japan, Escape Games are now popular in lot of countries, also in Barcelona. The aim? Escape in 60 minutes from an historical room, where the participant is trapped, and using clues he finds. Each escape game has its own immersive universe with its own story. Most of the time, the game structure is the same: closed doors, locked boxes, hints and secret rooms. It is the new trend that everybody has to try, especially companies. 

lock room

Indeed, through the different missions and a group of 5 or 6 participants, the team develops creativity, logic, analytical thinking, deduction, concentration and team work. Communication is the key to succeed, and everyone is useful. 

No choice, and no escape: during 60 minutes, each team has to pay attention, finds strategies to be the quickest and the most effective team

60 minutes

Abacus experience: The Mansion Mystery

Abacus Marketing Solutions got itself tempted and got into it. Where is the fun and posibility to learn something, there you can find also our team.

First of all, early morning we met in a nice coffe place to have together a breakfast. We knew that we needed a lot of energy during the day. 

Abacus Breakfast

We enjoyed not only delicious croissants, sandwiches, orange juices and coffe but especially a company of our colleagues. Sharing the meal is the perfect ocasion to know better your co-workers outsite the office and talk about subjects not related to the job. We were talking, laughing, messing around and creating strategies about "how to win the escape game". We even draw lots to form teams of players.

Abacus Team

We formed 3 teams of 5 or 6 persons that were in competition: The Inspector Gadgets, The Power Rangers and The Petanca.  

After a good breakfast all together, we immersed into the escape game universe: A poor french girl named Marie living in a big mansion in the 20´s, has been murdered in her room. The murderer remains unknown till now and the spirit of the poor lady wanders…on the crime scene.

Escape Room

Our mission: solve the mistery, release Marie´s spirit and leave the mansion in 60 minutes. The group that first open the door, wins!

The level of difficulties increases with time: clues are harder to find, and the mystery seems to never have an end. This is why, patience, logical thinking, creativity and teamwork are the key to move on. Everybody has to pay attention and comunicate, because apparences are deceptive: behind the mirror, or within the wardrobe, another room can be found with new and harder enigmas!

Winning team

The Inspector Gadgets were the first to escape the room (Bravo!) and won the competition. Nevertheless, all playing groups managed to escape the room on time and the differences between their records of time were really small. The game had a high level of difficulty that no everybody is capable to overcome and all Abacus Team did it. We rock! :)

Whole team played the game, and after the effort…was time of celebration around drinks and sandwiches.


It is a nice competition to boost emploees, have a nice time, and above all: develop teamwork. Everyone has to look for clues, comunicate among each other and when an enigma appears, you must work together. Knowledge and skills of each and listening will be the key for the group to move faster… and resolve the room mystery on time! Thanks to the teamwork we all are the team of WINNERS!

Dream Team

So, have a break with your colleagues or your employees, and play!

The only pending question is: will you succeed to escape the room on time…?