Human Resources Software

Most small business owners can check on employees by looking across at them from their desks or walking down one short hallway to pass their desks. This is because the small business or startup is often contained inside one small office space. But, as more staff is added and office space expands, even seemingly simple tasks get more complex. These tasks include adding new hires, keeping track of required forms, updating the employee directory, and tracking reviews.

human resources

That´s where our Human Resources (HR) software and management systems step in. Our cloud-based services help HR executives, HR information systems (HRIS) departments, and company owners track who´s who, where they are based, what theyre doing, and how theyre doing.

HR software solutions cover a handful of basics including maintaining an employee database, archiving personnel records, and producing directories and organizational charts. In this way, they act as a company´s system of record for all things people-related. Because HR software is built on an integrated database of personnel information, the software also produces reports that HR departments or business owners can use to analyse vital workforce metrics such as staffing allocations, compensation costs, and turnover.

human resources

Our Platform can manage an unlimited number of users and analyse in real time the performances of every worker. Each employee can have an access to its own portal to be able to see its holidays planning, its office hours and its results.