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Nos preocupamos por la privacidad y seguridad de tu información personal. Ponemos en práctica una política de seguridad para garantizar la privacidad y confidencialidad de tus datos personales recogidos a través de esta página web.
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La información, incluyendo datos personales está recogida al rellenar formulario de contacto a través de nuestra página web (nombre, correo electrónico). Los datos recogidos no se venderán, alquilarán o compartirán ningún caso. Abacus Marketing Solutions S.L. es el único propietario de la información recopilada a través de esta página web.

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La web puede contener enlaces a otros sitios web que no están bajo nuestro control. No somos responsables de la recogida y protección de información y datos en estos sitios web. Es recomendable que leas la política de privacidad de cada sitio que visitas y utilizas.

Cambios de política de privacidad

Abacus Marketing Solutions S.L. acentua posiblidad de cambios en nuestra Política de Privacidad. Cualquier cambio será comunicado a través de nuestro sitio web.

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Si tienes preguntas sobre nuestra política de privacidad, puedes ponerte en contacto en: info@abacus-marketing.com.
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Nosotros buscamos

Back-End Developer

We are looking for a talented Back-end Developer with experience in System Administration. You will join an international team of talented young developers based in Barcelona, Spain, and work closely together with the business teams to develop web projects. You will be involved in creating innovative solutions for our processes that make our software and internal platform better every day!


Good knowledge of:
  • Good level of PHP and Symfony or similar MVC framework.
  • Strong SQL and data model design skills, MySQL.
  • Good level of analysis when dealing with developments.
  • Linux
  • Apache
  • Postfix
Nice to have:
  • Experience or knowledge of Javascript.
  • Experience or knowledge using RESTfull.
  • Knowledge of No Relational Database (MongoDB or similar).
  • Fluent Spanish and English.
  • Experience with online marketing sector.

What you will do:

  • Back-end developments of our platform and new project with Symfony.
  • Coding in PHP back-end development using Symfony or similar MVC framework.
  • Analyze the existing code to take the best decision in the new developments.
  • Manage our Linux / Unix servers.
  • Control of our high level databases improving their configurations and increasing the speed of the queries.
  • Improving our development infrastructure by creating virtual machines with docker.
  • Reviewing and maintenance of our configuration of postfix.
  • Improving security and efficiency of IT infrastructure.
  • Backups management.

Your benefits

  • Professional plan of career.
  • Interesting project to develop.
  • Competitive salary based on individual performance.
  • Flexible working hours with a great balance between internship and leisure time.
  • Full time with only 37,5h/week
  • Summer work time! (only 35h/week during vacation period).
  • Room for creativity and responsibility in a brilliant and friendly international team.
  • Opportunities for further learning and career development.

Personal Skills

  • Preferably Bachelor's Degree or higher in an IT related discipline.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, organizational.
  • Able to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines.
  • Able to promptly answer support related email, Skype and other electronic communications.
  • Self motivated, detail-oriented and organized.
  • Be responsible, confidential and effective with your work.
  • Well communicative.
  • Organized.
  • Being tide on your department.
  • Effective and quickly on the assignments ordered.

We are waiting for you to be part of our Team!

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