Trends of Emailing 2017

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Trends of Emailing 2017

Some people say that emailing is old fashioned… but it is not. The key is to know how to handle it. Indeed, it is 40 times more efficient than social media. In order to target/acquire a new customer or to obtain customer loyalty, emailing is a strategy you must adopt. 

Summer time is a perfect moment for some revision of our activity in the past half year to improve the strategy and the results.

For that in this article, you will find 5 little tricks from 2017 about emailing:

1- Responsive Design

As you know, the most used devices are smartphones and tablets. It is primordial, then, to adapt the email design to the screen dimension, and to facilitate the reading. If the display is too long, or does not fit, rebounded rate will increase, obviously.

Mobile and emailing

2- Personalization of your databases

For your clients, as for your company, segmentation generates more conversions and brings confidence. It makes them feel unique and more important. Knowing their centre of interest means increasing the conversion rate by 10%. This cannot be ignored.

Segmentation of target

3- Working on your email subject 

The choice of your subject can make the difference, because it is the first thing the person sees. In the best-case scenario, a good subject can generate an immediate purchase, or interested clicks. Otherwise, the email can be lost in spams, and it won’t be read.

First, the most important thing is to learn how to use the proper words, to avoid the spam box. 

Working on emailing object

4- Combine text and pictures

Since the birth of social media, pictures become the new way of communication. This is why Instagram is so popular now. Visual messages have more impact than the written ones. 

Image and text in emailing

Videos and pictures stay in mind… so, it is necessary to add colours and catchy visuals to your text. However, be careful: if the message has more pictures than writing, the email can go directly to spam. The key is to divide your message in 2 parts, which means 50% visual, 50% text.

5- Use the “double opt-in”

Bases Opt-in

Double opt-in provide clients the power to accept or to refuse the emailing of a brand. In this way also called permission marketing, if he agrees, the emails do not go to his spam box, and facilitate the CRM. The relationship is stronger, and really based on the customer centre of interest. It can be more complicated to obtain his agreement, but afterwards, trust and purchases will increase.

If the e-mail meets all these requirements described above can become an ideal tool for any company to succeed in 2017.