Catamaran Day

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Blog de Abacus

Catamaran Day

Weeks before we received a mail informing us that we will have a company outing day, where we will spend time together, we didn’t really know where or what we were going to be doing. The only clues given to us where bring your swimming suits, Sun cream and sunglasses.

There are no better surprises than the ones in which you get some clues.

The day before the due date we were all guessing with each other where we would be going….

Last Friday we had to be at the port of Barcelona at 10am (of course as Spanish’s most of us arrived lave). Once we where all there we came to know that we were taking a trip on Catamaran. To celebrate this amazing news before getting on the catamaran we went to get some gin tonic.

All excited we climbed the catamaran, as we started the ride the captain explained some security measures. After that the party was off to begin.

We put some music, got comfortable on our swimming suits and popped a bottle of champagne/cava. We toasted to more successful years for Abacus and to this incredible summer gift.

After this the real party began, we danced, had fun, drunk, laughed, had an amazing time with each other outside the working environment. This is how a team bonds and creates great work and performance.

After an hour we stopped to have a swim and paddle surf, where only the best could manage to maintain the balance and stand.

On our way back we got delicious tapas /snacks/pica picas. Here at Abacus we love surprises and we had one planned for the very special Anna and Sylwia who were celebrating their birthday.

We all have hidden skills and Crsitina´s one is baking, she made the most incredible pastry with the initials of each of the birthday girls.

On the trip back the party dint stop till we touched ground, and even then… fiesta fiesta fiesta!!

The party beasts continued with a perfect Spanish lunch on the restaurants of Port Olimpic, we enjoyed of a nice paella, sangria…. 

Some of us continued and went to beach to get a tan, others went to have a siesta.

It was a blast of a day.

Sharing hearts and your potential are always rewarded.