Best way to use Back to School in Online Marketing

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Best way to use Back to School in Online Marketing

Unfortunately the holiday is over and autumn is coming again. We go back to school and work, as well as to ... shopping centers. Shopping is the best cure for autumn depression.
As every year at this time, the return to the classroom and the return to the routine will mean for more than one family a great economic expense and a headache if they have left everything for the last moment. If in July and August everything seems to stop, in September it gives the feeling that the activity becomes frantic. Anyway, the Internet makes it very easy to "back to school", especially to those who are short of time and budget.

Back to school panic

The month of September is one of the important dates in the calendar of any business. The return of the holidays and the beginning of the school year are a turning point that gives rise to one of the most interesting times of the year: the last quarter of the year.

In this article you will find some strategies of online marketing to use well in this period of transition to ensure your business great reults in the last 3 months of the year:

Discount as a clue

There is one important factor to keep in mind: vacations reduce the purchasing power of families. That's why these are dates when multinationals launch campaigns using mass media based on discounts on the price of their products.
Therefore one of the main strategies of online marketing for the return to school focuses on the communication of discounts so it is usual to use last minute messages very much like the newsletters of the companies that base their business on coupons.


Another interesting option is to group discounts for purchases of various products. This way you can include in the pack some of the products that need a sales boost. That is one of the back-to-school email marketing strategies you should use with care to prevent the less-sold products from making the campaign ineffective.

Take advantage of the seasonality

The return to school is just an excuse that many companies must use to reach their customers, and we should not think that this should be limited to educational products. Imagine, for example, how a neighborhood tailor would campaign. He could send a message like this: "If your child changes uniforms this year to go to school, why do you keep going to work in the same suit? ", showing for example the image of an executive dressed in a school uniform.

Furthermore you can take advantage of the seasonality to know your customers better. Even if you do not sell school related products the truth is that September is time to start over so it is interesting to apply email marketing strategies for the return to school in order to get back to your current customers. A good formula is to create a campaign of data collection of your subscribers to help you improve your databases. This way you can further segment your future campaigns, something fundamental for the great sales season for many companies: Christmas.

Attracting new users thanks to subscribers

September is a good month to try and capture new leads. And the best way is with recommendation campaigns based on current clients to whom you must offer sufficient reasons to help you among your relatives.

Creativity and innovation in email marketing strategies for back to school

To counteract the strategy based on price reduction is important to be original and apply innovation and creativity to your marketing plan if you want to increase sales and at the same time achieve an increase of invoicing.

See how you can take advantage of back to school period to change your newsletter and what tricks to use to get your ideas in line with the needs and tastes of your target clients.

Buy school starter kit online

Remember, in the case of younger children, parents choose products that will give their children comfort. So choice is not the color or the fashion, but rather the price and practicality. In spite of this, the clothes or school accessories bought by parents for children must reach the tastes of both groups.

A good idea is to prepare a checklist with a full list of products needed in the new school year. Think about promotions or special offers that you can offer at this time like "Buy a rucksack and pencil case you will get for free!"

Checklist back to school

Teens love trends

The return to junior high school or high school is a separate story. Teens choose their own clothes, their unique style and trend tracking are important to them. If your target audience is young, it is worth putting in the newsletter to present the latest trends and ideas for trendy styling.

School Trends

Remember, however, that trends are not out of the air, and are created by the fashion world, stylists and trendsetters. Therefore, creating a newsletter is worth drawing inspiration from catwalks, fashion magazines, blogs and pop culture. In this way, stylizations created from the products available in your shop will reflect the prevailing trends. For example you can create newsletter that shows school trends inspirated on popular films that take place at school.

School trends

Offer as a guide for students

Autumn is not only a time to return to school, but also an important moment for univesty or collage students, especially the first year. It usually involves looking for new accommodation and setting up stancakes and dormitories.

Student Guide Newsletter

Some marketers here see the opportunity to increase sales. For example you selected accessories that could be of use to the students and added special advice for them as to how things could come in handy when sharing a flat with other students.

Use content marketing

In the past, notebooks and manuals were sufficient but today computer is becoming an indispensable tool for home work. How to help parents in choosing the right laptop? Of course, writing a guide on this subject.

To write articles on choosing the best computer for a family or students is only one example of how content marketing works. Possibilities are infinite, you need only pick up an idea.

A proposal for the working people

And what about those who return after work leave? They also need some shopping. The autumn breakdown of the weather is coming and it´s a moment for refreshing of the dressing room. The end of summer is time for a presentation of autumn and winter trends.

Office Trands Newsletter

It is a good idea to dedicate a newsletter to those who have to wear a dress code in work. Do office dress code have to be boring? Not necessarily!


Just to remember, in order for these email marketing strategies of back to school work and achieve the proposed goals, it is important that you always respect the following aspects:

> Adapt the message to the time.

> Customize

> Dedicate efforts to the subject of emails. Without openings there will be no conversions.

> Create a striking design.

> Defines a support automation strategy.

> Do not forget to adapt all the elements to the mobile environment.

> Exploit the formula of exclusivity join with urgency.

> Build a single call to action on every email.

With all presented strategies and tips your online marketing campaigns in September will provide you great results and ensure the success to your products or services. Beside, will help to prepare effective campaigns for Christmas time.