Benefits of having a dog in the workplace

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Benefits of having a dog in the workplace

In the last few months, we have noticed a growing tendency that allows pets to access public places such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, including offices. Especially in the US there are companies that attract more and better employees because of their pet policy. And they are not exactly the sort of small or family businesses, among them there are Google, Facebook, Procter & Gamble and Amazon.

We don´t need to cross the Atlantic to experience it, in fact this trend is starting to appear also in Europe, still it isn’t as popular as in US. According to the first representative study on this subject, more and more German workers are in favor of the presence of dogs in the office. Furthermore, more than a third of the 1004 respondents felt that bosses that allow to have dogs in the office are more pleasant to work for.

But wait a minute… Actually, why is having a dog in office so positive?

There are some of most important benefits of having a dog in your workplace:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress: not only for their owners but also for co-workers.

According to a study published by the Virginia Commonwealth University, those owners who can go to work with their dog see their stress level decrease. Beside dog´s owners other employees are also convinced that having man’s best friend in the workplace reduces stress and has relaxing effects.

  • Has a good influence on health

It helps regulate blood pressure (caressing the pet). Presence of dog in office also motivate to get up from the desk and move more frequently.

  • Improves communication and integration in a workplace

Take dogs in office is also an important stimulus to develop good relationships between co-workers. In fact, many studies confirm that dogs promote the creation of conversations and eases communication between people.

  • Creates a “good vibe” in a workplace

  • Fosters creativity and increases productivity

It is shown that take short breaks during a working session helps promote accuracy and overall performance. So, who is better than a dog to remember you to take a short break?

  • Increases job satisfaction and consequently productivity

In fact, at Abacus Marketing Solutions we also have our pet who definitely is the star of our office.

This beautiful and sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel girl named Charlie is present in the company since the very first day and now none of the employees can imagine Abacus without her.

She never bothers during work time, sometimes she comes by our desks, gives us an irresistible look during lunchtime or open doors during meetings.

But most of the time she walks quietly between office-rooms or stays sleeping or playing in her favorite place near our beloved CEO.

Charlie is creating funny situations which turn into subjects of conversations between us and give us great laugh.


As we can see having a dog in office has many advantages, especially if its a great help to reduce anxiety and increase level of well-being of employees in the workplace. And truly we don´t imagine our day without Charlie, she is part of our team and the sunshine of our office.