Abacus Christmas Dinner 2016

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Blog de Abacus

Abacus Christmas Dinner 2016

As we all know it well Abacus always goes further of normal standards. That’s why this year we decided to begin Christmas time a little bit earlier…Why not? It is a beautiful and happy time that everybody loves. We open this holiday period with a traditional Christmas Dinner that we celebrated on 1st of December 2016.

This year, Abacus invited the whole team for a Christmas Dinner to the very prestigious restaurant Jaime Beriestain in the centre of Barcelona. The place was a surprise, we were only told to dress up because the restaurant was really fancy. That made some of us to feel like a star:)

We all met in front of the restaurant to come in together. Waiting for those who were not so punctual, we were talking, laughing, making jokes and of course, taking pictures.

before dinner

….a lot of pictures :)

Before Christmas Dinner

We came into the restaurant and all of us were really surprised. The interior of the local was AMAZING and breathtaking. The decoration was not only elegant and classy, but also very very creative with special designs that created a special atmosphere for Christmas.

Christmas Dinner Abacus

Special place, special people and special occasion deserve of special outfit. Therefore, this evening they were all very stylish.

Elegant Abacus

Some of us even very very elegant …

Very Elegant Abacus

Very Fancy Abacus

In the restaurant we had a privet room with bar just for us. There was a very long table with stanoshing, beautiful decoration waiting for us…but not so fast.

Christmas Table

Before having a dinner we all began mingle, talk together and laugh …this everything during enjoying red and white wine and delicious appetizers.


Abacus Mingle

Talk Before Dinner

After exchanging all the gossip (:)), we were about to start the dinner. On the great decorated table everyone found a special present for himself settled next to his plate, the really fancy Power Bank with the logo of Abacus Marketing Solutions.

Christmas Gift

What a great and useful gift! Now nobody will run out of battery. Everybody loved and appreciated this surprise!

Power Bank_Christmas Gift

The dishes were exquisite: Risotto with mushrooms, truffle and parmesan as first dish and 12 hours cocked lamb with pepper humus sauce… moreish! And then the dessert came… No words could describe how delicious it was, you just have to see and taste it yourself:


Christmas Dinner Food

However, eating was not the only thing that we were doing. We also celebrate that night the 3rd Anniversary of Abacus. That deserve a special carrot cake. Laura (our CEO) made an honour of blowing the candles.


We spend rest the time talking, making jokes and taking photos all the time...

Christmas Dinner 2016

Everybody in Christmas table

…a lot of pictures to memorize these precious moments.

Abacus Dinner 2016

Christmas table

Christmas Toast

Unfortunately all good things come to an end quickly, but not with Abacus! After dinner we stayed to have a drink (mostly gin and tonic;)) and share more time together till late at night.

Gin and Tonic Abacus

We all had a really great time! That was an AMAZING beginning for the Christmas period.

Abacus Dream Team