4 creative solutions to avoid unsubscriptions

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4 creative solutions to avoid unsubscriptions

There are only few things as sad as a farewell ... in email marketing we also suffer from lack of love. It usually happens that someone has lost interest in you, in what you can tell, in what you can offer, and decides to say goodbye and close with a slam.
In emailing is habitual that some people request not to continue be subscribed and stop receiving our newsletters.
This is where many companies try to find solutions, either to try to convince them not to leave, to propose alternatives or to try to recover that lost love.
In other words, turn "goodbye" into a "see you soon".

In this articule you will find four creative solutions used by some companies to avoid unsubscriptions of their users:

Improving communication

There are companies that choose to give alternatives, as in the case of Vimeo. Using humor, by image of two robots, gives option to receive only one category, change the periodicity of receiving emails ... or give up definitely and unsubscribe.

Communicate better

In J. Crew Factory they also try to personalize the messages that users receive to fit more to what they may be interested in ... or to permanently cancel them.


Another method to improve in the future ... what have we failed in? What have we done wrong? Some of the questions that arise in Barneys New York.
Direct, minimalist, but effective style.

Good creativity

2. Has anything happened?

Sometimes you notice a distance, but you do not know the cause ... it's time to arm yourself with courage and assume that something may be happening ...

FAB or FreePeople do something very advisable: Check the people who have stopped opening their emails for a long time. They cancel their subscription and send them an email to warn and give them the opportunity to come back.
Maybe it's just a temporary crisis ...

Stop unsubscribe

In Sidekick they do something similar. They inform you that, unless you say otherwise, you will no longer be subscribed to their newsletters. And by the way they, well ... congratulate you your holidays.

Happy Holidays


Another alternative is one carried out by Charity: water.

In this case you were given the option to confirm the usubscription or, if you preferred, to watch a video in which water balloons were thrown to the CEO of the organization.

We´re sorry to see you go

The result was quite overwhelming: of 70,000 emails sent, 100 people unsubscribed and 740 watched the video.


And if, after all, the end comes, let's keep our heads high and a big smile. There is nothing better than saying goodbye with humor and without resentment.

This is what Infinity gets with a little gif of Jim Carrey. A direct and gracious message.

Jim Carryliar liar gif.

Or Hub Spot, where Dan Sally (before comedian and current marketing specialist of the company) remembers the good times in front of the camera as it would be a couple conversation.


In this famous Groupon video, someone called Derrick, an emailing manager, is punished every time someone unsubscribes.


It is clear that in the world of marketing we depend on our audience to achieve the goals we have set.

That is why we must take care of it, pamper it, and be aware all the times if communication really works. Otherwise we have to analyze and look for alternatives, and if in the end, by the way we cause a smile on the face of our users, then is even better, right?