Sending an advertising campaign directly to an actual or potential client using emailing, allows you to reach your targets and customize your advertising for every user.

We have more than 250 million emails around the world and we own databases in Australia, Europe, Asia, LATAM, Canada and USA. This allows us to bring your brand, product or services to both local and international targets. Our experience, together with our technical and sales resources in email traffic acquisition allow us to choose the best channels for your campaign.

We offer several segmentation methods depending on gender, age, social status, preferences, location etc., to ensure the best results with a lower cost for your campaign.

We use an exclusive technology in order to achieve maximum deliverability, open rates and reactivity to your messages that will not end up in the SPAM mailbox.

We optimize every campaign and newsletter for every device and for every emailing service and provider.

We combine a robust technology with an effective message and an original content to give your campaign the best possible results. Thanks to our designers and our databases we customize every newsletter for each of our users.

We are flexible regarding to the payout method: we work in CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA formats.

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